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This book is an extraordinary guide to Tai Chi Chuan’s internal strength development written by Internationally Acclaimed Master Hiu Chee Fatt, who is from the lineage of Grandmaster Dong Yin Chieh.  His master, Yip Seong was one of the disciples of Grandmaster Dong.  With a wealth of information for novice, advanced students and instructors alike, this book examines the right understanding as well as provides easy to understand explanations on the key ingredients to the developing of internal strength and step-by-step training methods.  Also included are discussions on general misconceptions of breathing, directing the mind, aligning of the body and developing of Chi in Tai Chi Chuan. Many clear illustrations are included to make understanding easier.  This book points readers directly to the development of real internal skills and strength of Tai Chi Chuan.

 This book is a must have for Tai Chi Chuan people who wants to achieve high level of proficiency in Tai Chi Chuan and making it truly an internal martial art for health and self defence purposes.

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Most people that purchased the above titled book has also invested in the eBook 'Ten Essentials of Tai Chi Chuan ~ Explained' also by Master Hiu Chee Fatt. The reason being Master Hiu has made references to this Essentials in his book.

Invest in the eBook at only USD4.80 

Grandmaster Yang Cheng Fu (grandson of Yang Tai Chi Chuan's founder-Yang Lu Chan the invincible) written 10 guides to the correct practice of Tai Chi Chuan popularly known as 10 Essentials of Tai Chi Chuan.

These guides are  very important.  They form and provide a framework within which Tai Chi Chuan should be practiced.  Failing which, one will not be able to breakthrough into the internal elements of Tai Chi Chuan.

As the original version of 10 Essentials of Tai Chi Chuan was written in abstract Chinese and not easily understood, Master Hiu feels the need to provide this important information in simple layman's language with clear illustrations painted by Master Hiu personally.
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